Ashan Maleesh Gherak
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Production Year:  
Written By:  
Atef El Bakry
Directed By:  
Radwan Shahine
Elham Shahine - Riad El Kholy - Ahmed Azmy - Riham Abel el Ghaffour - Ahmed Safwat - Merna El Mohandes

A folk narration,we do not know whether or not it happened, Mounira lives in a coastal, semi-isolated place. She is the wife of the richest man of the town, which is called "Nazlet Al-Rashidi", and her husband is the one who controls everything in the town. With his wealth and influence Monira lives the life of a queen with the love of her husband, son and daughter.

But in a moment, everything is changed … her husband is killed by the hands of his supporters … Mounira's life is turned upside down in her home … the condition of the town changed… the luxurious Mounira finds herself in a situation which she has never taken into account.

She has to keep the status of her family and their wealth amongst ambitions of the ambitious people, calls of the grieved people; but the shock hits her when she finds out the truth of her husband, which he hid away from her throughout the years … she finds out that she was living in a big illusion …

Between her struggle with herself and the general situation of the town as a whole … a horrible struggle takes place between Mounira, her children and previous alliances of her husband. She faces all this, trying to return the peace and love to herself, her children and town.

Does Mounira succeed in making this dream come true?? !!!

Ashan Maleesh Gherak


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