Shahed Ithbat
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Production Year:  
Written By:  
Fedaa EL Shandaweely
Directed By:  
Mohamed El Rashidy
Jumana Mourad – Tarek Lotfy – Nedal El Shafey

Rania Abou El Ward is a lawyer, she is the oldest among her brothers and she was like their mother after their mother had died in a horrible accident and they were still young. In the beginning of the series Rania gets divorced, her husband works as prosecutor, as her husband puts her between two choices whether to leave her job or to leave him, and she chooses her job and to live alone with her daughter after the divorce.
Rania continues her success and wins a public opinion case against the popular presenter and journalist Essam El Kashef and later on their relationship becomes stronger. Essam’s sister Nawal marries Osama, Rania’s Father, in the same day when Essam decides to propose to Rania. Later on Essam is found murdered in his apartment in the same building where Rania lives.

Rania’s brother, Ahmed, will be arrested for killing Essam El Kashef. Ahmed was working in Essam’s office before his death and Rania undertakes her brother’s case. The surprise is that Rania’s ex-husband will be the prosecutor for the same case. Ten people will be accused during the serial, and later on Rania discovers that Essam EL Kashef was a corrupted journalist. Rania succeeds in releasing her brother and the real murderer will be arrested, Salah. We as the audience discover that Salah was working with Essam and they had a quarrel about the bribe that they had received from his victim.

Minutes before the end, Rania will discover that her brother has participated in killing Essam who had stolen his beloved and had a customary marriage together. So, when Ahmed goes to Essam in his apartment he found him stabbed with a knife and instead of helping him he decided to kill him.

Rania lives in confusion whether to leave her brother and enjoy her victory in the case or to obey her conscience and send her brother to jail because she is the only prosecution witness who had listened to his admission? At the end, Rania goes to her ex-husband, the prosecutor, to tell him the new details that she knows and will ask him to appeal against the sentence. Rania once again defends her brother and we see him as a victim before being a murderer.

Shahed Ithbat


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