Adeyet Safeya
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Production Year:  
Written By:  
Ayman Salama
Directed By:  
Ahmed Shafik
Mai Ezz El Din - Tarek Lotfy - Ahmed Al Saadany - Lotfy Labib - Mohamed El Tagy - Donia El Masry

Who is Safeya? What is the case? Can a young woman stand against the masters of tyranny?
Safeya is from the countryside, she refused to remain silent when everybody is afraid, she screamed against the injustice and refused to sell her principles when everything can be sold, will she suffer the destiny of execution?

This serial is like a challenge for the Arabic audience. It introduces a new vision for the TV Drama that depends on suspense and linking the past and the present by two parallel lines
The first.. for the current dramatic events

The second.. for the past events and the serial dramatic structure. It depends on linking the past events together, as if we are watching two serials inside this single serial where the past and present are integrated together. At the end we will have in mind the main idea which warns us from selling the lands and principles…

Adeyet Safeya


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