El Ataba EL Hamra
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Production Year:  
Written By:  
Fedaa EL Shandaweely
Directed By:  
Mohamed El Rashidy
Mai Kassab – Ezzat Abo Ouf – Lotfy Labib – Ahmed El Demerdash –Mohamed Shaheen

“Mansoura” is an orphan girl who works in an orphanage where she defends the rights of the orphans against the corruption of Mrs. Afarem, the orphanage manager. At this point Afarem fabricates a robbery case for her and she will be obliged to flee away from the village to Cairo where she searches for her uncle who had stolen her inheritance nine years ago and escaped.

When she arrives to Cairo, she finds that her uncle is a very poor man who works as a porter for the building “El Ataba EL Hamra” in a poor area and she ends up spending all her money to cure him. The uncle dies later on and she becomes the new porter among other porters in the same district, most are of big mustaches and from Upper Egypt, and she tries to prove herself. She works as a porter, broker, does stuff for the building residents, wash cars and later on turns into a dancer in a night club. The episodes show daily situations between Mansoura and the residents, those residents represent the Egyptian society classes.

The residents of the building include: employers, businessmen, opposite journalist, Member of Parliament, women who work in investing, private teacher, night club singer, fake doctor, modern humbug and others. Some comedy situations happen between Mansoura and those residents and she learns in a few years in Cairo what she has never learnt in her village. Mansoura does a lot of mistakes, but she learns from these mistakes and we see at the end whether she stays in Cairo or goes back to her safe and peaceful village? The serial is a comic one with an open end, as it introduces a number of deep social issues that we live nowadays.

El Ataba EL Hamra


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